Welcome to Refuge Recovery

Refuge Recovery: is a mindfulness-based addiction recovery program and community that utilizes Buddhist philosophy as the foundation of the recovery process. Drawing inspiration from the core teachings of the Four Noble Truths, emphasis is placed on both knowledge and empathy as a means for overcoming addiction and its causes. Those struggling with substance abuse and attachments to people places and things,  greatly benefit when they are able to understand the suffering that addiction/attachment has created while developing compassion for the pain they have experienced.

Buddhism recognizes a nontheistic approach to spiritual practice. The Refuge Recovery program of recovery does not ask anyone to believe anything, only to trust the process and do the hard work of recovery.


Monday @ 7 PM

Victoria Hospital, B Block, 7th Floor

Every Thursday @ 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

205 Horton Street East (@ Clarence), London, ON, N6B 1K7

Meeting Starts with a 20 Min Meditation. Should you be late, please feel free to quietly take a chair at the rear of the room.



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